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The Pyjamasuit

Helping professionals make a silky smooth return to the office

After months of working from home, Singaporeans found the shift back to the office a hard pill to swallow. For many, the comfort of working from home had become a cherished standard, leaving many to question: Could this level of sartorial comfort ever be retained in an office environment?

Recognising this comfort conundrum, Monkey Shoulder sensed an opportunity for a seamless fusion between work and leisure attire. As the ally of stressed-out Singaporean professionals navigating the hurdles of long hours and overwork, it was time to come to the rescue of these office warriors in their hour of need.

Work like a boss. Sleep like a baby.

Enter the Pyjamasuit. This fashionable fusion of fabric  combined the commanding presence of an '80s power suit with the cosy comforts of bedtime attire. Adorned with a playful monkey pattern and a double-breasted design, this singular ensemble allowed its wearers to conquer the corporate jungle without sacrificing an ounce of comfort.

With The Pyjamasuit, office workers across the land didn't just don an outfit; they made a lifestyle statement. As the world continued to adapt to a post-pandemic reality, Monkey Shoulder stood by them. We ensured that even in the most taxing of work environments, they never let the grind get them down.



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