Property TourTalks

Taking an online property portal to the streets with Singapore’s first-ever property bus tour.

In the span of a decade, PropertyGuru has grown from a supercharged online classifieds ads business into a regional data and tech ecosystem. Yet, the digital giant faced one glaring omission—a tangible, local presence in Singapore to bridge the online-offline gap.

As property seekers often face uncertainty and confusion when navigating the complex real estate market, we needed to create an experience that would enable Singaporeans to make more confident decisions with PropertyGuru.

A property tour de force.

We created PropertyGuru TourTalks, Singapore’s first-ever property bus tours, combining expert property coaching sessions with neighbourhood tours catered to distinct audiences such as first-home buyers, upgraders, investors and renters.

Each TourTalks experience was a masterclass in real estate, uniquely tailored to the participants’ needs. Whether it was property types, budget management, mortgage intricacies, or navigating Singapore's real estate laws, we had it covered.

The TourTalk of the town.

The results? A total of 167 guests across eight meticulously planned tours. The turnout was so impressive that TourTalks became a regular fixture for PropertyGuru. But perhaps the most compelling metric was this: a staggering 95.3% guest approval rating, making TourTalks not just the talk of the town, but the new gold standard in property viewings.


Sold Out

Both “Property Investors” and “Home Upgraders” tours were sold out within 48 hours

16% repeat visits

16% of guests came back for a second tour experience

8% increase

In brand preference

12% uplift

In intended ‘Guidance-related’ associations

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