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The Grand Runway

A brand experience elevated to extraordinary heights.

The Grand Series collection represents the pinnacle of Glenfiddich’s distilling art, combining some of its finest, long-aged whiskies with exceptional and complementary cask finishes to provide its soft, fruity spirit with a dazzling twist.

With the launch of The Grand Series, Glenfiddich wanted to recruit a new generation of premium whisky drinkers that share the same maverick spirit and challenge the status quo with an elevated brand experience.

To position the Grand Series as the desired choice for celebratory occasions, we needed a rich, magical and elevated brand experience that could bring to life the three distinct brand worlds that define each Grand Series bottle. So we looked to the world of high fashion, where leading designers encapsulate the same maverick spirit Glenfiddich takes in elevating the ordinary to the extraordinary.

Making an entrance on a grand scale.

The highest in high fashion.

We created The Grand Runway, a unique collaboration with three local avant garde designers who are taking fashion to the next level.

We partnered with Singapore-based fashion designers, Frederick Lee, Max Tan and Jamela Law and Lionel Wong of Baëlf Design to create one-off designs that encapsulated our Grand Reserva, Grand Cru and Grand Couronne bottles.

Each design then became the centrepiece of our content and a journey of taste, fashion & style that tells the story of each of the Grand Series.



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