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Home Truths

Delivering smart, honest financial advice to homeowners.

After introducing Singapore to PropertyGuru Finance with our new brand platform of “Smart, honest advice”, we still had a mission ahead.

We needed to educate people to make them more savvy financially speaking, starting with small everyday things.

Making unsolicited advice fun.

Cutting through the advertising clutter is increasingly difficult, especially for a complex and neglected topic like home financing. So instead of talking about “smart, honest advice”, we put our money where our mouth was and went out to demonstrate it with real life examples.

Nothing but the truth.

Inspired by the brutal honesty of the “Dude with a Sign” online sensation, we sent a fleet of 6 vans out onto the streets to give Singaporeans “smart, honest advice” where it mattered most. Our vans featured topical and contextual messages designed to get people asking themselves whether the financial decisions they were making were as smart as they could be.

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It paid to be candid.

Not only did people notice the campaign, they appreciated it, even sparking discussions online. It also made the PGF’s proposition much clearer and more compelling. In addition to owned and paid media, the activation also garnered earned media through features on popular publications like Straits Times’ Stomp (more than 350 shares just on FB alone).



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