Integrated Campaign

First Signs

Speaking the language of throat care

Since the pandemic, being proactive about our health has shifted from a 'nice-to-have' to a 'must-do-now.' It's in this climate that we positioned Difflam as the go-to solution for early sore throat intervention. Our goal? Helping people realise that a tickle in the throat today could spell trouble tomorrow.

Recognising that individuals often experience discomfort in their throat while speaking, we utilised animated speech bubbles, each signifying different sore throat symptoms—from a mere tickle to a sharp ache. These speech bubbles did more than capture attention; they educated. By demonstrating the range of early symptoms, we emphasised the importance of taking swift action.

From 'Ow, My Throat!' to 'Ah, Relief!’

Our campaign not only captured attention but also changed behaviour. In an era where health can't be taken for granted, Difflam became the top-of-mind choice for tackling sore throats at their onset.

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