Tiger Crystal

Film Production

Crystal Cold,
Extra Smooth

Whispering a new narrative for Tiger Beer

Often associated with the older generation, the brand was slipping away from relevance. Sales were taking a nosedive over a decade and a half, and the need to rejuvenate the brand was crystal clear. Enter Tiger Crystal, the -1°C filtered answer for the smoother palates of Singapore’s younger crowd. Our task? Make it the ice-cold hit with millennials, without spilling a drop.

Shivers on the Big Screen

ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) videos are more than just a millennial trend; it’s literally spine-tingling magic. We seized this magnetic pull by featuring brand ambassador Sandra Riley in an ASMR cinema ad. Her whispers turned up the volume on our “Crystal Cold, Extra Smooth” promise, offering moviegoers a “feel it to believe it” experience as crisp as the beer itself.

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Whispering Sensations into Social Media

Why limit the tingles to cinema seats? Perfectly timed and carefully tailored contextual social media ads took the chill to couches, bar stools, and even under umbrellas in the rain.

Whether it was showing Tiger Crystal as the go-to brew for happy hours, house parties, or lazy TV binges on a rainy day, we diversified the contexts and upsold the experience. We broke down the ads by different Unique Selling Propositions (USPs), reaching a wider but also more targeted audience, making them feel the chill in every possible setting.

With a whisper and a chill, the brand nudged its way into a younger crowd’s fridge.



PR value


Category norms in all ‘perception’ related KPI measures

Almost 5M

Reach in just 12 weeks

3% Growth

The first positive business growth for the brand in the last 15 years

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