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The Pitchside Pub

Why watch the game at the pub when you can bring the pub to the game?

Guinness NITROSURGE is more than just a device—it's a game-changer that redefines how and where you enjoy a pint. When Guinness signed on as the lead sponsor of the Singapore Sevens rugby tournament, we knew we had the perfect stage to bring this magical device to life.

Instead of simply creating a pop-up booth at the stadium, we elevated the ‘anywhere, anytime’ promise of NITROSURGE by constructing a bona fide Irish pub right in the heart of the Singapore National Stadium’s main grandstand—complete with all the trimmings.

The best seats in the house.
On the house.

The Pitchside Pub was no mere gimmick—it boasted plush leather sofas, a grand wooden bar, unrivalled views of the on-field action, and of course, an endless supply of NITROSURGE. Want a seat? We gamified the experience, challenging fans via the stadium’s big screen to squeeze into a graphic of a giant pint glass. The prize? An exclusive hour at the hottest spot in the stadium.

Fans poured in.

Over the tournament weekend, demand was through the roof. Every slot in The Pitchside Pub was claimed, transforming it into the talk of the tournament and a testament to Guinness's promise of delivering exceptional experiences and beautiful pints anytime and anywhere.






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