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Good Times

The party that had been brewing for 150 years

For 150 years, Heineken has been the catalyst for good times around the world. As the time came to mark this monumental anniversary in Singapore, it was only fitting that we took this global celebration and put our own local spin on it. This wasn't just about celebrating Heineken's long history; it was also a chance to show how we in Singapore make good times our own, taking the best from all over the world and adding a local twist.

Under our local campaign idea of "Make Good Times Your Own," we designed an epic two-day festival of music, fashion, food, and refreshing Heineken set against the industrial yet iconic backdrop of Tanjong Pagar Distripark—a symbol of global imports and exports.

Singapore's first-ever Boiler Room

We captured the international-local blend that Heineken represents with the first ever Boiler Room music series in Singapore. Our line-up of international and local DJs was streamed to a global audience with the festival programming and production managed by our partner, Fabrik.

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The He150ken World Bar

In collaboration with Sago House (ranked 10th on Asia's 50 Best Bars list), we served Heineken cocktails inspired by the different ways Heineken is enjoyed around the world, and elevated with a unique Singaporean twist. These cocktails included a Micheken (inspired by Micheladas), an Iceneken (inspired by Heineken with Ice), and even our own Slingneken (inspired by the Singapore Sling).

The Salvages Salon

The Salvages brought their unique style of reconstruction to the party with a pop-up store that offered the perfect accessories to pair with a Heineken.

Heineken Loot Box Drops

Attendees who bought two drinks received a shot at exclusive, eclectic prizes from our Loot Box.

The Star Brewer Challenge

Participants raced against the clock, and winners walked away with a free beer in this brewing competition.More than a 150-year tribute, Destination Good Times was a tribute to how Heineken has always been a global brand yet uniquely local, underlining Singapore's role as a melting pot of international and homegrown good times.

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Festival Management & Production: Fabrik

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