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Smooooth Warehouse Party

Surprising Singapore with an unexpectedly smooth escape.

With younger consumers straying from the strong and bitter taste of traditional lagers, Heineken released Heineken Silver, an all-new lighter lager catering to these changing tastes.To showcase the unexpectedly smooth taste of Heineken Silver, and make it relevant to a Gen Z audience, we needed to launch it with an unexpectedly smooth experience that tapped into the current zeitgeist.

Refreshing a city thirsty for entertainment.

It had been a full two years since major music events took place. Naturally, the masses were desperate for anything that resembled live entertainment—anything to escape the relentless déjà vu of pandemic living.

What this circuit-breaker generation craved for was a ecstatic jailbreak from the stringent rules that had become their reluctant lifestyle. An experience that could finally transport them somewhere fresh.

Unexpectedly smooth experiences everywhere you looked.

The long-dormant Pasir Panjang Power Station was electrified, becoming a green-filled factory of fun. Inside, guests found a dedicated beer garden featuring a 25-metre bar, podium seating and a food truck area. Our smooth gaming zone featured a range of classic arcade games as well as cutting-edge VR experiences. The custom-built smooth star photo booth became an instagrammable hit, with queues for photos taking up to 40 minutes.

At the centre of it all, an epic smooth stage with screens towering 20 metres above the crowd. Controlled by one of Europe’s top stage lighting and visual artists, our screens broadcast dynamic visuals that synced with the music, taking the crowd on an unexpectedly smooth visual journey throughout the night.

The hype was real.

The event was a blockbuster hit, completely selling out and attracting the biggest stars in town. Such was the interest, that we were unable to facilitate a high number of requests for tickets from influencers and A-listers.

The biggest party of the year.

After years of lockdown monotony, our Heineken Silver launch was the plot twist no one saw coming. Think of it as the encore everyone was waiting for but didn't dare to expect. The result? Record-breaking media buzz, PR hits, and social chatter for the brand.





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