Tiger Crystal  The Coolest Launch

Giving Tiger’s coldest new beer the coolest launch ever. 

In recent times, Singaporeans have begun to see Tiger Beer as a beer for ‘uncles’ (older gentlemen). With gradually declining sales over the last 15 years, Tiger needed to counter the situation, refresh the brand, and drive long-term growth.

Our job was to introduce the next generation of Tiger drinkers to their new Tiger Crystal offering in a way that reflected younger attitudes and tastes.

Making Gen Z look and feel cool.

From YOLO to FOMO and JOMO, it can be hard to pin down what Gen Z stands for. But one thing we do know is that this is a generation that prioritises experiences over objects. This desire to seek out content and experiences that make them look and feel cool led to our strategy: providing them with an immersive and experiential introduction to this ice cold and uber cool new beer.


Creating a Crystal Cold, Extra Smooth world.

Driven by our core strategy, we developed a platform which would be delivered throughout the campaign: Tiger Crystal - Crystal Cold, Extra Smooth.

Our platform was all about inviting people to step into a world of Crystal Cold, Extra Smooth experiences and get a feel for just how cold and cool Tiger Crystal is.

From partnering with uber-cool influencers and sending out ultra-cool instagrammable gift packs through to hosting an epic one-of-a-kind party, we created a world that everyone in Singapore wanted to be a part of. 


A crystal cold ice rave.

For the launch, we went big, and brrr, transporting media, influencers, and special guests from the tropics to the coolest event ever: The Tiger Crystal Ice Party.

To create an immersive and unique experience, with a beer that’s brewed at -1°C, we couldn’t simply host a party just anywhere.

So we created a sub-zero highly instagrammable playground at Singapore’s famous Tuck Lee Ice Factory. Not only is it an awesome and unique place to host an event, but it’s got a deep connection to Singaporeans. We all know if you want ice, you go to Tuck Lee. Now, if you want an ice party you go to Tuck Lee too.


Reinforcing our message with a whisper on the big screen.

Riding the ASMR wave, we then created a highly sensorial ASMR cinema film that literally gave our audience shivers down their spines. Featuring brand ambassador Sandra Riley whispering ever so quietly about Tiger Crystal, our cinema ads brought to life the Crystal Cold, Extra Smooth platform in a highly visceral way.

The most successful product launch event in Tiger’s history.

By helping people see Tiger in a new light, the successful launch event opened the traditionally known “uncle” brand to an entirely new and younger audience, resulting in over 2x the projected sales goals of Tiger Crystal beer, delivering strong sales volume growth. 


3% Growth: The first positive business growth for the brand in the last 15 years!

Close to 190 pieces of coverage within 8 weeks worth $2.2 million in PR value.

Almost 5 million reach in just 12 weeks.

Exceeded category norms in all ‘perception’ related KPI measures.

“It was the most successful product launch event in Tiger’s history and it has become the blue print for the other markets!”

Terence Chen, Marketing Manager
Asia Pacific Breweries 

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