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Many Singaporeans see Tiger Beer as a beer ‘for uncles’ and it has been gradually declining in sales over the last 15 years. To counter the situation, Tiger launched a new, modern beer aimed at a younger audience (millennials aged between 18 – 34) to refresh the brand and drive long term growth.

Our brief was to tap into a generation with a desire to seek out content that makes them look cool and feel cool. Armed with Tiger Crystal, filtered at -1°C for a lighter and smoother taste, we created an immersive and unique experience to launch Tiger Crystal - The Crystal Cold Ice Party, hosted at Singapore’s famous Tuck Lee Ice Factory. We partnered with uber-cool influencers, created ultra-cool instagrammable media and influencer kits and hosted, quite literally, the ‘coolest’ party in Singapore - it was a money can’t buy experience.

In those spaces, as well as the more traditional advertising and digital media, we created a strong visual identity and communicated a single-minded message across all mediums featuring real ice, cool blue hues, geometric shapes inspired by crystals, and followed up with a series of ASMR content starring Singaporean celebrity, ‘RRiley’.




3% Growth: The first positive business growth for the brand in the last 15 years!

Close to 190 pieces of coverage within 8 weeks worth $2.2 million in PR value

Almost 5 million reach in just 12 weeks

Exceded category norms in all 'perception' related KPI measures

“It was the most successful product launch event in Tiger’s history and it has become the blue print for the other markets!”

Terence Chen, Marketing Manager
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